Advisory Board

  • Kappy Eaton
    Kappy Eaton is a University of Oregon Associate Professor Emerita, and has served in leadership positions with the League of Women Voters of Oregon and American Association of University Women. She worked with the United States State Department as University Women Supervisor of Bosnia Elections (1997, 2000), as well as a member of the Voter Education Team training of Hungarian officials prior to 1994 free elections. She has received numerous awards for her commitment to democracy and public service.
  • Dave Frohnmayer
    Dave Frohnmayer served as President of the University of Oregon from 1994 until 2009 and was previously the dean of the University of Oregon School of Law. He served as Oregon’s Attorney General, as a member of the Oregon House of Representatives, and as a law professor and legal counsel to the president of the University of Oregon. As attorney general, he won six of seven cases before the United States Supreme Court, the most cases and best record of any contemporary state attorney general. He is also a national prize-winning author on the United States Constitution.
  • Jeff Golden
    Jeff Golden has spent the last 25 years in politics, broadcasting, editorial journalism, and organizational consulting. His political career includes service as a Commissioner in Jackson County, Chief of Staff to the Oregon Senate President, and Environmental Policy Aide to the City of Portland.  He hosted The Jefferson Exchange , a popular daily NPR talk-show on a network of northwest stations for ten years.
  • Mike Greenfield
    Mike Greenfield serves on the City of Portland Budget and Management Advisory Committee and recently chaired the City of Portland private for hire transportation innovation task force. He has been the Director of the Oregon Department of Administrative Services, Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services, Deputy Secretary of State, Legislative Administrator, and Deputy Director of the Oregon Department of Education. He also sat on Oregon’s Progress Board as an ex officio member, and served as the chair of the Oregon Commission on Children
  • Phil Keisling
    Phil Keisling is the Director of the Center for Public Service at Portland State University. He served as Oregon Secretary of State, where he focused on expanding performance auditing, campaign finance reform, and making Oregon the nation’s first all Vote by Mail election system. He also served as a member of the Oregon House of Representatives, as a Legislative Staff Assistant to the Oregon House Speaker and as a campaign aide to former Governor Tom McCall. He was an investigative reporter and editor for Portland’s Willamette Week, and also reported for the Washington Monthly Magazine in Washington D.C.
  • Andi Miller
    Andi Miller heads a firm providing affordable public relations services to non-profits. She previously served as Director of Public Affairs for the Alzheimer’s Association Oregon Chapter, Executive Director of Common Cause Oregon and Senior Policy Analyst for Oregon Business Association, all of which provided her with expertise in the areas of health policy, education, good government and transportation. She also serves on the boards of the Community Health Advocates of Oregon (CHAO), the Saling Foundation, and the City Club of Portland’s Advocacy & Awareness team.
  • Fred Neal
    Fred Neal has held various government-related positions in Oregon over a 32-year period, including campaign finance manager for the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office-Elections Division, Deputy Legislative Counsel for the Oregon legislature, Executive Director of the Sate Court Finance Action Committee, and Legal Counsel for the League of Oregon Cities. He is the Oregon ACLU Affiliate’s representative on the American Civil Liberties Union national board. He has also served on the boards of the National Association of Counties, the Agri-Business Council of Oregon, and the Right to Privacy PAC.
  • Norma Paulus
    Norma Paulus became the first woman to hold a statewide elected office in Oregon when she became Secretary of State. She served in the Oregon House of Representatives and as Oregon Superintendent of Public Instruction. She was appointed to the National Assessment Governing Board and served as Executive Director of the Oregon Historical Society. She serves on the Boards of the Oregon State Capitol Foundation, the High Desert Museum, the Oregon Coast Aquarium, and the City Club of Portland.  She has received honorary degrees and awards from five Oregon colleges and universities.
  • Harvey Platt
    Harvey Platt is the Chairman of Platt Electric Supply. His community involvement includes the Oregon Business Association, Citizens’ Crime Commission, Portland Business Alliance, Beaverton Education Foundation, Portland Community College Foundation the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, the Broadway Rose Theatre Company, the Clackamas County Fire District Foundation, the Portland Baseball Group, the Beaverton Police Chief’s Advisory Board, and the Sunset Legacy Project.
  • Jody Wiser
    A former schoolteacher, Jody brings with her firsthand knowledge about the importance of an effective and people-centric elections process.  She has earned a well-deserved reputation as an effective citizen-lobbyist for tax reform and participated in a Citizens’ Initiative Review as an advocate in 2012.

Board of Directors

  • Manju Lyn Bazzell
    Manju Lyn Bazzell consults with organizations committed to creating a vibrant, intelligent, adaptable democratic culture in the U.S.  Professional background includes: Executive Director, The Gangaji Foundation; Principal, Pfaelzer Communications & Organizational Consulting; Co-host, San Francisco radio show, Now We’re Talking; Award-winning high school teacher.  Ms. Bazzell lives in Ashland, OR.
  • Patricia Benn
    Pat Benn is a former teacher of German and French. She served as president of her union (the Robbinsdale Federation of Teachers) from 1976-78. In 1991, she helped create Shared Decisions Minnesota, an effort to create collaborative decisions in Minnesota schools involving students, parents, teachers and administrators. Since 1999 Pat has worked with her husband, Ned Crosby, to promote the Citizens’ Initiative Review, a method for bringing trustworthy information to voters on initiatives.
  • Ned Crosby
    Ned Crosby received a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Minnesota in 1973. He is the inventor of the Citizens Jury process, one of the leading new democratic processes invented in the 20th century. Since 1999 Ned and his wife, Pat Benn, have been seeking to find a way to get the Citizens’ Initiative Review established in Washington State or Oregon.
  • Su Midghall
    For close to 20 years, Su has been involved in thousands of projects over her career and feels privileged to work on issues that improve communities across the country.  She is a University of Tennessee Volunteer graduate and serves on several boards to support civic participation, education, and economic development.  Occasionally, she can be found teaching a class on voting and policy to the toughest and scariest audience…fifth graders.
  • Robin Teater
    Robin Teater currently serves as the executive director of the American Leadership Forum of Oregon. Robin joins the Healthy Democracy board of directors with nearly three decades of experience in non-profit administration, including seven years with the New York-based American Field Service (AFS), and as the executive director of WorldTeach. Robin holds a degree in social science education from Oregon State University, and has taught high school in such far-flung places as Crane, Oregon and Lobatse, Botswana, the latter as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer.
  • Marge Easley
    Marge Easley has held many leadership positions with the League of Women Voters, most recently as state president from 2007 to 2011. Through her involvement with the League she has served on a number of government task forces, interviewed candidates each election cycle on TVCTV, moderated debates, and advocated at the Legislature on issues as diverse as land use, the initiative system, National Popular Vote, and voting rights. She recently helped edit and write More Power than We Knew, a History of the League of Women Voters 1920-2012, in honor of the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in Oregon. Originally from Pennsylvania, Marge had a twenty-year teaching career in Rhode Island, Delaware, Switzerland, and South Carolina before moving to Oregon in 1995.

Healthy Democracy Staff

Tyrone Reitman, Executive Director 

Tyrone grew up in Silverton, Oregon. His background is in political reform work, advocating for increased transparency and accountability in government and politics.

Tyrone has also worked for and volunteered with a number of ballot initiative campaigns, acquiring a firsthand understanding of Oregon’s initiative process.
Tyrone graduated with a Master’s of Public Administration from the University of Oregon. His studies focused on political reform and decision making in volunteer-based organizations. In his time off, he enjoys spending time with his wife and son, rock climbing around Oregon, and barbecuing for his friends.

He is also an avid (and award-winning) home brewer.


Lucy Palmersheim Greenfield, Director of Development & Public Affairs

Lucy GreenfieldLucy grew up in Gig Harbor, Washington. After studying History and Politics at Whitman College, she moved to Portland and began guiding civic engagement nonprofits, helping them find the resources they need to grow. As Development Director for the Oregon Bus Project, she helped the youth civic engagement organization greatly expand its operations and grow into multiple states. She has also served as a Legislative Advisor in Salem and as Policy Director for citywide campaigns in Portland.

When she’s not at Healthy Democracy, you’ll find her hiking and backpacking in the Cascades, exploring exciting restaurants in Portland with her husband Ian, or practicing her bassoon.


Adam Grabow, Development and Communications Manager

Adam grew up in the Portland area, graduating from Portland State University. During college and to date, he pursues his passion for creating positive change through his work in politics and with nonprofit organizations.

As a Board Member at the Oregon Trail Chapter of the American Red Cross he was a founding member of the Youth Affirmation Committee, developing innovative ways to encourage youth engagement within the chapter. Adam has also worked with a number of political campaigns as a development professional, encouraging the public’s participation at the local, state and federal levels.

In his time off, you are likely to find him exploring a new hiking trail or at a quiet beach (camera in tow).


Program Associates


Molly Keating

Molly Keating is Principal at Molly Keating Mediation and Facilitation. She has extensive experience as a mediator and as a facilitator. She has worked with Healthy Democracy on five Citizen Juries, three of which were for ballot initiatives. Molly will use her expertise as a consultant on the redesign process, ensuring that best practices for facilitation are used to improve the deliberative quality of the events and seamlessly integrate new technology.