The Citizens’ Initiative Review is a proven way of publicly evaluating ballot measures so that voters have clear, useful, and trustworthy information at election time.

During the Citizens’ Initiative Review, a panel of randomly-selected and demographically-balanced voters is brought together from across the state to fairly evaluate a ballot measure. The panel hears directly from advocates for and against the measure and calls upon policy experts during the multi-day public review.

For each measure reviewed, a new panel is convened. At the conclusion of each review, panelists draft a ‘Citizens’ Statement’ highlighting the most important findings about the measure. Each ‘Citizens’ Statement’ is published as a prominent page in the voters’ pamphlet as a new and easily accessible resource for voters to use at election time.

The CIR was adopted into Oregon Law during the 2011 session of the Oregon Legislature. Healthy Democracy worked on behalf of the Oregon Citizens’ Initiative Review Commission to run two CIRs for the 2012 election cycle, two in 2014 and one in 2016.