2019 Milwaukie Citizens Jury

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Milwaukie Citizens Jury Pilot Project

Milwaukie, Oregon, was the first city selected to participate in a pilot Citizens Jury, in summer 2019. The citizen panel will consider the question: “Should Milwaukie city council members be paid more than their current volunteer stipend? If so, how much should council members be compensated?” The panel’s conclusions will inform future council discussions and possible policy changes or referenda.

The Citizens Jury model designed for Milwaukie will be time- and cost-efficient, with an eye toward easy replicability by other cities with difficult policy questions. The process will take place over two weekends with 20 citizen panelists and will be open to observers.

For more info on the project, see its latest press release here.

Dates & Locations

  • Reply-By Deadline: September 10, 2019, 11:59PM
  • Panelist Selection Event: TBA, likely September 11, 2019
    Location: TBA, likely Milwaukie City Hall, City Council Chambers
    This is a brief public event, where we randomly (and transparently) select citizen panelists from among the responses we have received.
  • The Citizens Jury: November 9–12, 2019, 9AM–5PM each day
    Location: Clackamas Community College, Harmony Campus, Harmony West Building, 7738 SE Harmony Rd, Milwaukie, OR, 97222
    The entirety of the Citizens Jury is open to public observers. Days 1 & 2 will feature expert testimony. Days 3 & 4 will feature panel deliberation and drafting of recommendations. Additional details will be posted on this web page.

Contact Us

Further questions? Please email us at info@healthydemocracy.org or call us at (503) 841-6865.

More Info

2019 Milwaukie Citizens Jury 1-Page Brochure (PDF)

Our brief introduction to the Citizens Jury program and the Milwaukie pilot.

2019 Milwaukie Citizens Jury Panelist Recruitment Letter (PDF)

NOTE: Disregard all dates mentioned in this letter. See new dates above.
This is the letter we sent to 5,000 randomly selected households in the City of Milwaukie, which explains the program in more detail, answers a number of common questions, and invites recipients aged 16+ to reply.