Initiative Convention System

Initiative Conventions:

Reimagining Direct Democracy Through Lottery-Selected Assemblies
Executive Summary:

Our proposal fulfills the original potential of state initiative systems: to give everyday people unique political agency. For most of us, initiatives represent our only opportunity to be part of direct policy creation. However, most initiative systems are highly inaccessible and overrun by moneyed interests. In an Initiative Convention System, lottery-selected deliberative Assemblies – as diverse as our states – write initiatives. First, an Agenda Assembly collects information about pressing policy concerns from diverse stakeholders and prioritizes two topic areas. Second, two Drafting Assemblies research and deliberate on each topic and write initiative language. Dedicated funds are reserved for acquiring signatures and finding advocacy partners for each initiative. A Governance Commission made up of Assembly Members oversees each step to ensure process integrity. We will pilot two full cycles of this System in two states – totaling eight created initiatives – while building political support to make the system permanent.