Operations Director

The Operations Director manages our internal affairs – organizational logistics, budgeting, and other policies, procedures, and systems.


Who We Are

We bring together everyday people, from all walks of life, to tackle our most contentious

We are an Oregon-based nonpartisan nonprofit that designs and coordinates cutting-edge deliberative democracy programs across the US and beyond. We work primarily with local governments to bring new kinds of public engagement to their communities.

We are a uniquely democratic organization – we manage our work collaboratively, in a co-executive model. We value inclusion, representation, constructive communication, flexibility, continuous improvement, and an ability to work across differences.

For more details about us, please see the ‘What Makes Us Different’ section below.


Position Overview

The Operations Director manages our internal affairs – organizational logistics, budgeting, and other policies, procedures, and systems. They facilitate the development of a healthy shared executive structure by spearheading the creation and implementation of internal democratic practices that reflect our organizational values. During active programs, they manage logistics and provide direct support to program participants. As with all staff at our organization, this position shares in executive duties, including strategic planning and administration.


Key Roles & Essential Job Responsibilities

● Human Resources & Internal Practices

○ Maintain and improve organizational policies and procedures, including (but not limited to) the organizational bylaws and the Employee Handbook, in coordination with staff and board members.
○ Develop, evaluate, and aid in the continuous improvement of HD’s unique co-executive structure to support collaboration and efficiency.
○ Write and maintain contracts for contracted staff.
○ Uphold organizational policies, procedures and standards, ensuring federal and state regulations are followed.

● Financials / Budget

○ Work with other staff in development and management of financial and budgetary plans.
○ Manage bank accounts: deposit checks remotely, troubleshoot issues with bank officers.
○ Enter into and extract financial information and reports using QuickBooks.
○ Coordinate efforts with the contract bookkeeper for monthly reconciliation and financial reports.
○ Coordinate and approve purchasing of all equipment and materials.
○ Ensure accuracy of the Financial Procedures Manual.
○ Work with a payroll company to ensure we are in compliance with multiple state tax laws, set up new employees in our payroll system, and troubleshoot payroll issues as needed.
○ Monitor PTO and Comp time for all employees.

● Administrative

○ Build and maintain relationships with external partners and vendors to make decisions regarding operational activity and strategic goals.
○ Coordinate organizational correspondence; distribute or respond accordingly.
○ Maintain all official federal, state, and local organizational filing requirements.

● Database / CRM Procedures

○ Manage contacts and tasks within the organization’s CiviCRM database.

● Program Logistics & Panelist Support

○ Provide strategic direction and support for key program activities, including developing project timelines, liaising with project partners, and managing online/on-site logistics.
○ During active programs, serve as the primary point of contact and support for the 20+ Panelists who serve on each Panel, including answering questions about the project, arranging logistics, and otherwise personally supporting their service.

● Fund Development

○ Work closely with the team for coordination, planning and management of fundraising and public awareness activities.
○ Process donations and generate thank you letters.
○ Monitor and collaboratively apply for occasional grant funding.

● Strategic Planning

○ Collaborate with Board and staff in the development of performance goals and long-term operational plans.
○ Set strategic goals for operational efficiency and productivity.
○ Work closely with other staff to ensure programmatic growth by identifying and implementing process improvements to minimize costs.


Required Skills & Knowledge

  • Either Bachelor’s degree, or five years of experience in managing programs or operations, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Strong oral, nonverbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to work well with individuals from highly diverse backgrounds.
  • Ability to accept feedback graciously.
  • Skilled at working as a highly collaborative member of a small team, while also able to work independently and engage with multiple projects.
  • Proficiency in planning, streamlining and/or implementing new procedures, policies, structures, and roles that can efficiently support rapidly shifting organizational demands.
  • Collaborative leadership skills, including negotiation, problem solving and decision making.
  • Strong financial skills, including experience with budget setting, budget management, bookkeeping, and accounting.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with key stakeholders, including the Board, community groups, and other external organizations.


Preferred Skills & Knowledge

  • Knowledge of the principles and practices of managing nonprofit organizations.
  • Passion for improving democracy through innovative reforms.
  • Working knowledge of nonprofit organization regulations and guidelines.
  • Interest in or experience working within non-hierarchical leadership structures and developing internal systems that align with programmatic values.
  • Experience writing grants for nonprofit organizations.
  • Strong computer skills, such as:
    ○ Experience in managing contacts and tasks within a CRM, such as Salesforce, Salsa, or (in
    our case)
    ○ Experience with word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations,
    ○ Experience with QuickBooks (or comparable financial software),
    ○ Experience with Google platforms for email, calendar-sharing, and document retention, and
    ○ Experience with website management, especially using Wordpress.


Work Environment & Physical Requirements

  • Work Environment
    ○ We are based in Portland, Oregon, but work nationally and internationally. Our current staff are primarily remote, but office space may be available if the selected candidate lives in or near the Portland area.
    ○ Travel may be necessary, depending on future projects and occasional in-person staff meetings.
  • Physical Requirements
    ○ This position requires the ability to use a computer for the tasks outlined above.
    ○ This position requires no other specific physical abilities; however, as a small staff, we need all staff to participate in the execution of in-person events (including set-up and tear-down) to the extent each is physically able.


Hours, Compensation & Benefits

  • This is a full-time position at 32 hours/week.
  • This position will be salaried according to the organization’s flat pay rate of $30/hour ($4,160/month for full-time staff).
  • All employees receive paid time off (PTO), starting at 96 hours for full-time employees in the first two years and incremental increases in subsequent years.
  • In addition to PTO, all employees receive 10 paid flexible “holidays” per year, scaled to their work hours.
  • Healthcare costs can be reimbursed up to $200/month per employee. As organizational revenue grows, we have identified this benefit as a priority for future increases.
  • All staff work on flexible daily schedules.
  • All PTO, holidays, and daily schedules will be determined in cooperation with fellow staff members.
  • Healthy Democracy will provide a laptop and other technical equipment, as necessary.



How to Apply

Please send a brief cover letter and resume to hiring@healthydemocracy.org. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until the position is filled. The selected applicant will start ASAP.



The information presented within this document indicates the general nature and level of work expected of employees in this classification. It is not designed to contain, or to be interpreted as, a comprehensive and exhaustive inventory of all duties, responsibilities, qualifications and objectives required of employees assigned to this job.


What Makes Us Different

A Different Kind of Organization

We’re a democratic organization inside and out.
We have a shared-leadership structure, a flat pay-rate across all staff, and a strong ethos of camaraderie and collaboration throughout everything we do.

All staff members are responsible for helping to manage the organization, hold each other accountable, and make collective decisions about our future.

We aim for a new standard of proactive inclusion and universal accessibility, and we champion civic representation across many diversities – demographic, geographic, political, experiential. Our ability to uphold this mission directly depends on our ability to do the same within our organization. Therefore, we are committed to building a workplace that questions dominant norms and elevates marginalized voices.

We prioritize work-life balance to prevent burn-out. We’ve set “full-time” at 32 hours a week, and everyone
receives paid time off, flexible holidays, and comp time for overtime hours.

Finally, we have worked to build a culture of both positive support and continuous improvement. Even during the hiring process, we commit to – if anything – judging you more favorably for being candid in your feedback and helping us better live up to our values.

A Different Kind of Democracy

We design and advocate for decision-making processes that involve more folks in more
in-depth ways.

We’re a leading organization in the international movement for lottery-selected deliberative democracy – an exciting new addition to our society’s decision-making toolbox.

These processes are different than most parts of our democracy today in two ways:

  1. Who’s at the Table: We select participants from the general public, using a democratic lottery, also known as a representative random sample or sortition. This ensures that many different diversities are represented – a sort of “city in one room.”
  2. What Happens at the Table: We design unique public processes that encourage productive collaboration, proactive inclusion, fairness, and respect across differences.
Eliska Broes