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After the last election cycle, discussions about public issues in the United States have become divisive and often destructive.

Increasingly, we are succumbing to forces– both in and out of our control– that isolate us economically, socially and politically. Digital search and social media algorithms often present us with information that reinforce our biases, and these digital experiences are intensifying partisanship and polarization, which are already at an all-time high.

These trends are destructive to our democracy.

How do we help overcome these pressures to divide? How do we encourage citizens to  participate more effectively in a pluralistic democracy?

These are the questions that Healthy Democracy, a US-based nonpartisan, nonprofit organization is addressing through our nationally and internationally acclaimed deliberative democracy programs.

Healthy Democracy works to strengthen the most important thread in the fabric of democracy: the citizen. Our mission is to elevate the voice of citizens and to improve public discourse for the benefit of all who share this democracy – through programs like the Citizens’ Initiative Review (now introduced in five states) and our new Community Oregon program, we provide structured opportunities for citizens to engage more effectively with one another and in the democratic process.

We do this work in the knowledge that every one of us impacts democracy at the individual level. From dinner table conversations, to social media activity, to voting on ballot initiatives, these activities influence not only ourselves, but those who are in community with us. The quality of these connections we build as individuals are reflected in the larger community, and ultimately in the decisions we make in our democracy as whole. That’s why we believe a Healthy Democracy starts with strong communities. And strong communities start with you!

We hope you will consider being a part of this dynamic and engaged community that is working to build a truly Healthy Democracy for all.

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