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Reflections on the First Ever Citizens Initiative Review – and a Six-Year Bipartisan Friendship

Ann Bakkensen and Marion Sharp, two participants in Healthy Democracy’s first CIR in Oregon in 2010, discuss experiencing deliberative democracy in action — and the unlikely friendship that resulted.

In Italy, Voters Pay for Ballot Information – But There’s a Better Way

Italians are voting on a significant ballot measure next week, and voters there are paying to learn about it. Program Director Jessie Conover explains why they shouldn’t have to.

Citizen Panel Finalizes Review of Measure 97 in Oregon

The Oregon Citizens’ Initiative Review citizen panel has completed their review of Ballot Measure 97, the corporate gross receipts tax, and the final statement is now available.

What Does a Healthy Democracy Look Like?

HD in the Press

“Citizens’ Initiative Review” Demonstrates Potential for Public Engagement in Initiative Process

Davenport Institute for Public Engagement and Civic Leadership PRESS RELEASE What: For the first time in state history, the Citizens’ Initiative Review Demonstration will bring together eligible California voters for a deliberative process to demonstrate how citizen participation can make the California Initiative more transparent, more understandable, and more independent of campaign spending. When: March
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School of Public Policy Gets Ready for Healthy Democracy

The Pepperdine School of Public Policy is continuing its work from last semester on a project to make the California Initiative process more transparent for its students. Headed by Dean Pete Peterson of the Davenport Institute, the School of Public Policy intends to bring Healthy Democracy, an organization based in Oregon, to campus for a
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