• 2014 Ballot Measure Reviews

    Ballot measures can be complicated and confusing, and that’s why citizen panels will convene to review measures on the ballot.

    Read more to find out how the Citizens’ Initiative Review brings citizens together to inform their fellow voters.

  • International Acclaim for the Citizens' Initiative Review

    The Citizens’ Initiative Review won the International Association for Public Participation’s North American and International Project of the Year awards in 2013.

  • Does it Work?

    An independent academic research team found that the 2012 Citizens’ Initiative Review was unbiased and used by over half of voters.

What does a Healthy Democracy Look Like?

What does a healthy democracy look like? Watch our latest video and find out more about the Citizens’ Initiative Review.

Citizens' Initiative Review

Read the results of the 2012 Citizens’ Initiative Reviews on Measure 82 and Measure 85, which were published in the Oregon Voters’ Pamphlet.

Morrison Institute

Morrison Institute for Public Policy is a leader in examining critical issues for Arizona and the region, and is a catalyst for public dialogue. An Arizona State University resource, Morrison Institute uses nonpartisan research, analysis and public outreach to help improve the state’s quality of life.

The Civic Canopy

The Civic Canopy is a nonprofit organization that facilitates public processes using a model that focuses on results, includes relevant stakeholders in thoughtful dialogue, and develops action plans and structures for learning from the results— all within a culture of trust and collaboration!


Pueblo Chieftain: Panel will review one issue to advise voters

Panel will review one issue to advise voters in pilot effort

By Gayle Perez The Pueblo Chieftain

Published: July 31, 2014; Last modified: July 31, 2014 04:00AM

Colorado residents will … more »


Citizens to Review GMOs and Open Primary this Fall

This fall, everyday citizens will help cut through the noise on GMO labeling and open primaries.

In 2011, Oregon started a unique project to put citizen panels in charge of … more »


Portland Tribune: Primary, GMO will be reviewed by citizen panels

Primary, GMO Will be Reviewed by Citizen Panels

Peter Wong, Portland Tribune

Citizen panels will review statewide ballot measures that propose to require labeling of genetically modified foods and change … more »


Oregon’s Citizens’ Initiative Review to Make Recommendations on GMO and Open Primary Ballot Measures

(Portland, OR) — Oregon’s unique Citizens’ Initiative Review Commission has prioritized two measures for fall review. Pending measure certification, citizen panels will make recommendations on whether to label genetically-modified foods … more »