Civic Saturday – Powell Butte

Join us in beautiful Central Oregon on Saturday, September 14 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., as we gather together to be in community with our fellow citizens, while reflecting on what our democracy means to us. The theme of this Civic Saturday is “Belonging & Homecoming”.

Civic Saturday is designed to be a civic ritual — a place to nurture a spirit of shared civic purpose, to connect with others while exploring our differences and commonalities, and finding inspiration in a civic gathering that is positive and joyful especially in these times of ever-increasing divides.

We’ll gather as friends and strangers to hear readings, share thoughts and ideas about the themes of belonging and homecoming, enjoy music, and hear a “civic sermon” from Citizen University seminarian and director of the Deliberative Democracy Consortium, Wendy Willis.

You’ll be welcomed and hear stories about the C Bar C Ranch by our gracious hosts, Ty Yazzie and Bob Cain.

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