What is Healthy Democracy?


Healthy Democracy is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that works to elevate the voice of citizens and to improve political discourse for the benefit of all voters.

Our signature program, the Citizens’ Initiative Review, brings representative groups of citizens together to fairly and thoroughly evaluate ballot questions and gives voters information they can trust.



The Citizens’ Initiative Review (CIR) was developed by Healthy Democracy Oregon in 2007 to present voters with clear, useful, and trustworthy evaluations of statewide ballot measures.

In 2011, the Oregon Legislature approved House Bill 2634 to make the Citizens’ Initiative Review a permanent part of the elections process in Oregon. This marked the first time a legislature has made voter deliberation a formalized part of the election process.

Healthy Democracy was selected by the newly formed Oregon Citizens’ Initiative Review Commission to run two Reviews during the 2012 election cycle — the first official state CIRs.

In 2014, Healthy Democracy ran two CIRs in Oregon and worked with partner organizations to bring the Citizens’ Initiative Review to Colorado and Arizona.

Staff and AdvisorsHealthDem-CIR-M90-2014-182

Healthy Democracy is based in Portland, Oregon. We run the Oregon Citizens’ Initiative Review on behalf of the Citizens’ Initiative Review Commission and work to bring this reform to other states with the initiative process.

We are guided by our Board of Directors, which includes community leaders and supporters from across the political spectrum

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Support for our Work

Healthy Democracy’s work is made possible by hundreds of individuals and families, alongside grant support from the following foundations: