Oregon is the birthplace of the Citizens’ Initiative Review.

The CIR was first demonstrated on a statewide basis in Oregon in 2008, and in 2011 the Citizens’ Initiative Review was signed into law by the Oregon legislature – a historic first. For more details on the CIR’s history, visit our History.

The Citizens’ Initiative Review Commission oversees statewide Citizens’ Initiative Reviews in Oregon, which occurred every even year since 2008. No statewide review took place in 2018 due to a lack of funding. But we took the opportunity to do a local one in the Portland area instead!

2018 Portland Metro-Area CIR

For the first time ever, a randomly selected and demographically representative citizen panel reviewed a local ballot measure in the Portland metro area. Over four days of deliberation, the panel reviewed Measure 26-199, the Portland Metro Region Affordable Housing Bond. For more information on this review and to read the Citizens’ Statement, click here.

Oregon Citizens’ Statements

Portland Metro Area
Jackson County

Jackson County, Oregon, was the site of the first county pilot of a Citizens’ Initiative Review process.