Citizens Juries

Citizens Juries convene panels of everyday people, who are randomly selected and representative, to help elected officials tackle tough policy questions.

Following a highly structured process, each panel conducts research, interviews experts and staff, deliberates on policy alternatives, and recommends a course of action to decision-makers. Because the panel is a microcosm of the public – in terms of age, ethnicity, political party, gender, and other factors – its resulting report comes with an inherent legitimacy that sets it apart from conventional citizen committees.

Local governments in Canada, Australia, and across Europe often employ Citizens Juries as public decision-making tools. In the US, Healthy Democracy uses a specialized, research-tested citizens jury, called the Citizens’ Initiative Review (CIR), to provide voters with trustworthy information about ballot measures. Oregon enshrined the CIR in law in 2011 and publishes CIR statements in the state’s voters’ pamphlet.

The Citizens Jury Process

More About Citizens Juries

Citizens Juries 1-Pager (PDF)

Our brief introduction to the Citizens Juries program and 2019 Oregon pilot projects.

2019 Pilot – Milwaukie, Oregon

Milwaukie, Oregon, was the first city selected to participate in a pilot Citizens Jury, in summer 2019. Look for more announcements on this project page.


Have a difficult or divisive policy question in your city? Want to explore a different kind of democratic engagement?