Petaluma Fairgrounds Advisory Panel

Day 6 (June 18)

Presenter Group 8 & Principles & Options Brainstorm

Welcome & Where We Are:



Próximamente, en breve, pronto

Principles & Options Practice:

Practice generating Principles and Options using examples from Panelists’ lives.

Background Presenters: Group 8

Allison Keaney, Formerly 4th DAA, Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds / Currently Cloverdale Citrus Fair

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Brian Sobel, Formerly Petaluma City Council / Formerly Sonoma-Marin Fair Board
Q&A Session

Principles & Site Uses Brainstorm

Begin generating Principles that should guide decision making about the future of the Fairgrounds.

Select Subcommittees

Panelists review the roles of each subcommittee and fill out a preference sheet indicating
which they would like to join.