From KDRV Newswatch 12:

This May, Southern Oregon will be asked to decide between several measures and candidates in the 2014 primary election.

According to the organization, Healthy Democracy, one out of every four Oregonians say ballot measures are hard to understand. They say this can be discouraging, and often a vote is uncast.

This may be true for many when it comes to measure 15-119, an initiative to try to ban genetically modified crops from Jackson County. In order to give voters confidence and knowledge to make an informed decision, Healthy Democracy was brought to Southern Oregon to organize a citizens review of the measure.

For three and a half days, randomly selected residents met to sort through information about the measure, and hear arguments from both sides. Invitations were initially sent to 5,000 random citizens. 20 panelists were chosen from a completed survey that matched the demographics of the region.

At the end of review, the panel presented their findings from both sides. To view that presentation you can head to Organizers say an insert will also be found inside the Jackson County ballots.