School of Public Policy Gets Ready for Healthy Democracy

From the Pepperdine University Graphic:

The Pepperdine School of Public Policy is continuing its work from last semester on a project to make the California Initiative process more transparent for its students.

Headed by Dean Pete Peterson of the Davenport Institute, the School of Public Policy intends to bring Healthy Democracy, an organization based in Oregon, to campus for a three-day event that will run from March 5 to March 7. The School of Public Policy will participate in Healthy Democracy’s Citizens Initiative Review (CIR), which will consist of bringing in panels of policy students, and others interested in the event, to fairly evaluate ballot measures.

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“For the first time here in California, we’re looking to host a beta test of the CIR here using one of the 2016 ballot measures,” Peterson said. “Voters will get a chance to go through the process, hear in person the for and against arguments and get a chance to discuss what they feel about the measure.”

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“Here at the School of Public Policy, we’re about putting the public back into public policy,” Peterson said. “This is a demonstration of that and my hope is that government officials will consider the possibility of bringing the CIR process here to the state of California.”

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