“The Hope and Promise of Our Democracy”: Robin Says Goodbye

It has been my great privilege to have served the Healthy Democracy organization over the past 4 ½ years alongside some of the most dedicated staff and volunteer board members one could imagine. First and foremost, my thanks goes to each of them for making this work possible and impactful, and equally importantly, for making it joyful.

I have made the decision to leave my position at HD in order to engage in some full time volunteer work that is important to me, work which I would like to think honors the spirit of the mission of Healthy Democracy in the world today. Indeed, a big part of my decision to leave Healthy Democracy is a testament to how deeply I have internalized the aspirations of this remarkable organization for realizing the full promise of democracy in the U.S.

Of late, I have joined countless others around the country in agonizing over the graphic reminders that our democracy too often fails to live up to its own ideals in the face of pernicious and persistent injustices. Yet even though the 240-year-old foundation of our house of democracy is seriously cracked, I am grateful to have been part of an organization that is doing some of the vital masonry work to aid in its repair.

I started my relationship with Healthy Democracy as a volunteer, and so it is to that vital position that I, with full heart, lovingly return. I look forward to being of continued service, along with HD’s amazing community of supporters who continue to move us ever closer to a more perfect union that is the hope and promise of our democracy.

Please stay in touch! You can reach me by email at my personal account at robin.teater at gmail.com