Podcast // Democracy In Crisis Part 2: Mini-publics, Citizens’ Assemblies and Juries

Democracy in Crisis is a special online series of global roundtable discussions about the use of randomly-selected citizen assemblies to further democracy. Democracy in Crisis is produced by Ahmed Teleb, Brian Standing, the 8 O’Clock Buzz and WORT-FM.

Welcome to the second episode of “Democracy in Crisis” an in-depth series right here on WORT. In our first episode, we heard from global experts about how and why electoral, representative government seems to be failing the promise of democracy. Today, we explore some alternatives to electoral politics that may get us closer to the ideal of “government of, by and for the people.” Joining host Brian Standing for this episode are:

  • Linn Davis is the Program Manager at Healthy Democracy in Oregon, a leading organization in the field of citizens engagement and participation. [. . .]

Listen to the podcast . . .