Reinventing Democracy: How Hometowns Are Strengthening America

Mayors, city councilors, select board members, city and town managers, county executives, and other local government officials from across the country convened in this online conference in December 2022 to discuss how America’s hometowns can help reinvent democracy. Watch Alex, from Healthy Democracy, at the virtual Symposium hosted by the American Academy of Arts & …

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Guaranteeing Representation

Recording Reimagining Community Participation Through Democratic Lotteries Thursday, November 18th • 5:00-6:30pm (PST) Democratic lotteries are being used around the world to guarantee diversity, representation, and inclusion of new voices in public policymaking. Join us to learn how this popular democratic reform could help Portland reimagine civic participation to center everyday people – and hear …

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2019 Milwaukie Citizens Jury

For the Milwaukie Citizens Jury, citizen panelists will consider this question: “Should Milwaukie City Council members be paid more than their current volunteer stipend? If so, how much should Council members be compensated?” Citizens Juries are professionally facilitated and follow a detailed format to ensure fairness, objectivity, and productivity.  Citizen panelists will meet November 9 …

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Restoring Trust in Democracy: How You Can Make a Difference

Join us to learn about Healthy Democracy’s experience with transformational models of lottery-based, citizen-centered deliberative democracy and how they can be adopted in the community of Ashland. Bring your creativity and your passion for helping to build a democracy that is truly by the people, for the people.

2019 Community Oregon Expo

A one-day exposition that will include all Community Oregon participants and special invitees. The brief and varied presentations will showcase what has been learned and to invite support for initiatives and projects that participants wish to develop or support as a result of their experience in the program.

Community Oregon

2017 Community Oregon Celebration

Join us Nov. 4, 2017 for a celebration of Healthy Democracy’s newest program, Community Oregon, our connection and exchange program building bridges across Oregon’s urban and rural divides. Free expo led by program participants at 3pm; $25 dinner at 6pm.